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I am required by law to complete an Identity Check, requiring proof of your address, and some form of photo identification.  For all clients, I use a service called Amiqus, for which you will receive an email with instructions.  Amiqus will take you through the personal ID and Photographic Check online with no need to photocopy, scan or post documents to me. 


Depending on the work I’m doing for you, you may be asked to download and return a questionnaire.  Ideally, it is helpful for you to complete this and return it to me before your appointment, but don’t worry if you are unable to do so.  You will find the downloads for these below. Please send all completed questionnaires to me at



I am required by the Law Society of Scotland to issue a Terms of Business letter, setting out the contractual basis for our solicitor-client relationship.  This will be sent shortly after our first meeting, via the Identity Check Amiqus link, and will need to be acknowledged before I carry out any work for you.  


Before we can begin working together, I will need some additional information about your situation and what services you are looking for. I am also required to send some paperwork to you, clarifying our relationship and how we will be working together.

In most cases, we will begin with a short consultation to speak in-depth about your situation and goals for our work together. Below you will find more information about some of the required paperwork, as well as questionnaires that may be helpful for you to download prior to our consultation.

ST Law is a mostly virtual law firm, and there is no office open to the public.  All meetings will be carried out either by telephone or by video call, and I aim to work as paper-less as possible, using email as my main method of communicating with clients. 


If you have booked a Guardianship, Power of Attorney, or Will consultation with me, it would be beneficial for you to read through and fill in as much of the form below before our consultation.

Power of Attorney Questionnaire

33 KB

Guardianship Questionnaire

33 KB

Will Questionnaire

33 KB


If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.

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